Our Vision & Value


We believe:

  • that each individual is unique with an inherent right to be treated with courtesy, consideration and respect, regardless of their ethnic or religious background.
  • that as a care provider, we are responsible for promoting the physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of every person in our care.
  • that care is best provided in a secure and safe environment where every individual’s care preferences are respected and, as much as possible, met
  • that the best care is delivered by an appropriately skilled and qualified staff
  • We embrace the principles of continuous improvement and we are committed to the adoption of quality care delivery practices.


Your Care is Our Mission and we do that by improving people’s lives through extraordinary service, access and compassionate care in collaboration with our people.


Westfair HomeCare And Disability Services will be the best place to receive care in the home and the best place to work.


We are guided by these core values:

  • We treat all people with respect and dignity;
  • We listen with compassion and respect and do everything in our power to help where we are needed;
  • We provide person-centred care through qualified, polite and helpful staff who acknowledge and respect the individual’s culture, values and beliefs;
  • We seek diversity in our staff and value their ability to effectively communicate with our customers;
  • We continuously examine the services we provide and then make improvements that reflect the feedback from our customers and staff;
  • We are good stewards of our resources ensuring that we meet the needs of our customers.